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Information Technology Specialists

We’ll get the job done, treat you right, and save you money!

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Need Desktops, Laptops, or Servers? We've got you covered! (we even do NAS and SAN hardware configurations)

Computers & Servers

Utilize our partnerships for great deals on commercial servers, desktops, and laptops, or ask us about our custom desktops or servers.


Looking to access data on another computer, or shared drive? Configuration giving you nightmares?


Not sure if your network is up to snuff? Looking to create a network but not sure where to start? We’ll get you up and running in no time!

Access Controls

Protect and control your environment with access controls. We install out of the box systems as well as custom made configurations.

Access Controls

We work as your partner in determining the most appropriate locations and types of controls to implement in order to safeguard your space(s).


Can't hear the person on the other side? Hearing a lot of static? No dial tone? Missing calls? We'll hook you up!

Phone Systems +

We are partnered with one of the top VOIP service providers. We can get your custom phone system going, starting at only $24.99/month.


Not sure who is coming or going? Experiencing Inventory Shrinkage?

Need to see who is coming and going? Not sure how merchandise is disappearing? We can install a surveillance system to meet your needs.

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